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Formation guides.

Why choose Hong Kong as a base for your investment holding company

Hong Kong is still a great place for an investment holding company, depending on business activity, transactions and plans for going public.

Why a professional resident company secretary is a must for your business expansion into Hong Kong and beyond

This guide will explain why a professional company secretary is essential for your business expansion into Hong Kong and beyond.

Understanding a company secretary’s roles & responsibilities in Hong Kong

Company secretaries in Hong Kong are responsible for communicating with authorities and ensuring the company is compliant with regulations.

Transfer of shares for a Hong Kong private company: Process & fees

Whatever the reason, this guide will explain what is needed to transfer shares in your Hong Kong company and any fees incurred in the process.

Setting up an investment holding company in Hong Kong

We provide details on the reasons and benefits for setting up an investment holding company, or investment vehicle, in Hong Kong.

Funding options for businesses expanding to Hong Kong for investment & scaling purposes

Understand government grants and business funding options with some practical tips on how to connect with and attract investors in Hong Kong.

Free trade zones and free ports in Hong Kong: Explained

In this guide, we provide an overview of Hong Kong’s free trade zones and free ports in more detail to help you understand the benefits.

Five reasons for setting up a company in Hong Kong

More and more foreign businesses are seeking to set up a company in Hong Kong. We explore the main reasons why Hong Kong is attractive.

Common challenges and pitfalls to avoid when starting a business in Hong Kong

In this list, we will go through the most common challenges and pitfalls and share with you what you can do to overcome them.

Business entities in Hong Kong

Selecting the right business entity is one of the most important decisions you will have to make before setting up your company in Hong Kong.