Formation guides.

Five reasons for setting up a company in Hong Kong

More and more foreign businesses are seeking to set up a company in Hong Kong. We explore the main reasons why Hong Kong is attractive.

Common challenges and pitfalls to avoid when starting a business in Hong Kong

In this list, we will go through the most common challenges and pitfalls and share with you what you can do to overcome them.

Business entities in Hong Kong

Selecting the right business entity is one of the most important decisions you will have to make before setting up your company in Hong Kong.

How to register a company in Hong Kong: A step-by-step guide

If you are considering expanding your business in Hong Kong, this guide will show you how to start a business in Hong Kong, step by step.

Foreign company registration options in Hong Kong

Many businesses are expanding and adding a presence in Hong Kong. Our guide features the registration options available to foreign owners.

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong is a simple yet time consuming process for the bank. Hong Kong provides you with many bank…

Selecting & changing a company name in Hong Kong

The first step of registering a company in Hong Kong is choosing a company name, and our guide considers what you should keep in mind.

Directors’ roles and duties in Hong Kong

All Hong Kong companies must have at least one director. Directors’ roles and duties include managing the overall operations of the company…

Shareholders’ rights & duties in Hong Kong

Find out more about shareholders’ rights & duties in Hong Kong. They play an essential role in the control, financing, governance and operations.

Six types of company shares in Hong Kong

In this article, you will find more about all the different types of company shares in Hong Kong and their use. Even though most companies…

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