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Restructuring & insolvency services in Hong Kong.

Whenever companies face challenges that threaten their stability and financial well-being, Acclime is ready to offer a lifeline of solutions and guidance to help turn the situation around.

Outsourced payroll service in Singapore

Our in-country experts will guide you through difficult landscapes.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in this field is unwavering. We are here to support businesses in their journey towards recovery, renewal, and resilience. We offer:

Insightful options

At Acclime, we understand that the need for financial restructuring can arise from various circumstances. In these critical moments, we step in to provide insightful options that can help businesses regain their footing.

Broad collaboration

We collaborate with all stakeholders, including potential buyers, shareholders and directors striving to safeguard their investments, creditors seeking to maximise their recoveries, and insolvency administrators tasked with proceedings.

Comprehensive support

Our professionals have spent years forging strong networks with key third parties essential to successful restructuring and insolvency efforts, including bankers, lawyers, insolvency courts, credit insurers, and authorities.

Restructuring & insolvency support

Comprehensive restructuring solutions.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses various facets of restructuring, from exploring alternatives outside of insolvency proceedings to orchestrating structured sales and providing invaluable assistance during insolvency proceedings.

Our restructuring services.

  • Early stage crisis management

    Our team of experts takes early action to assist troubled companies avoid bankruptcy and liquidation. Specific measures include:

    • Emergency financial controls to prevent shut-down
    • Interim management to take over CEO, CFO, or other critical positions
    • Trade receivable recovery to ameliorate collection-induced cash crunch

    These services require the distressed company to be committed to recovery. At this stage, we assist management in setting a strategy and in executing a plan of reorganization. Each plan of reorganization plan is based on a company’s unique situation and will usually include some of each of the following components.

  • Turnaround management / restructuring

    • Financial turnaround: Debt refinancing (help secure loans), equity injection
    • Operational turnaround: Improve internal operations (business process review/recommendations)
    • Strategic turnaround: Asset divesture, valuation, strategic advice to reposition company
    • Financing: Assist companies secure the funds necessary to finance the turnaround until positive cash flows can be generated
    • Interim management: Outside senior management take-over during critical phases
  • Bankruptcy & liquidation

    When it has been determined that maximum value can be achieved for shareholders only through the cessation of commercial activity, we will lead the company through the liquidation process. Our focus here would involve:

    • Pre-liquidation planning: advise/planning to resolve issues before entering liquidation
    • Pre-liquidation audit: statutory audit
    • Liquidation process: guide client thru statutory process & advise along the way
    • Asset valuation
    • Asset disposal advise or take active role in asset disposals
    • Post-liquidation audit: statutory audit
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