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Hong Kong PEO & employer of record (EoR) services.

Expand into Hong Kong without first setting up a legal entity in the country. Whether relocating an existing employee or making a new hire, our professional & complete PEO/EoR employment services provide an ideal first step for your market expansion into Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong PEO & employer of record (EoR) services

Employ your staff in Hong Kong through Acclime.

Acclime is a professional employer organisation (PEO) and can act as the official employer of record (EoR) for your staff in Hong Kong. We provide comprehensive and competent PEO services, allowing you to outsource employment until you are ready for the next step.

Transparency at core

From our services proposal to legal documents or monthly payroll reports, everything is fully transparent with no hidden fees, allowing you to expand into Hong Kong with confidence.

Dedicated account manager

You will have a dedicated account manager for all your projects. A single local contact for simpler, more streamlined communication with Acclime.

Ongoing compliance services

Continue your expansion journey in Hong Kong and stay fully compliant with local regulations with our complete corporate services & advisory solution.

What is an EoR/PEO service?

Professional employment organisation (or PEO) is an organisation specialised in handling HR outsourcing requests for their clients. PEO providers are usually offering three core main services:

  • Contractor & freelancer management services

  • Employer of record (or EoR) service

  • Payroll outsourcing service

Acclime is providing employer of record service by becoming the legal employer (of record) of your employee in the targeted country of expansion. With EoR service, entering new markets without having to setup an entity is possible.

We can also support you by providing company formation service during your expansion journey in Hong Kong.

When to use EoR service?

Employer of record (or EoR) service is ideal when entering a new market. EoR service’s main benefits are:

  • Fast entry – you can enter a new market as fast as in 48 hours and get your team compliantly onboarded in our in-house local entities across the APAC region

  • Low cost – low setup cost and recurring costs compared to traditional company formation service

  • Limited liability – Acclime will become the legal employer of your employee taking away all the liability from your end

  • Exit alternative – Acclime can support with exit strategy with company deregistration, EoR is also a good alternative allowing you to maintain staffs even after closing your entity.

Hong Kong employment solution

Everything you need to build your team in Hong Kong from afar.

Our Hong Kong PEO employment solution frees you of the high incorporation-related costs while you are exploring the opportunity in Hong Kong and validating your business. Our pricing is all-inclusive and without any hidden fees.

Complete PEO/EoR services.

Recruiting & hiring
  • Recruit local OR expatriate* staff for your business or projects in Hong Kong
  • Register your employee with Acclime Hong Kong as the employer of record
Payroll processing & compliance
  • Organise the initial payroll setup, salary calculation, Hong Kong labour contract, staff handbook, etc.
  • Pay out approved monthly salaries to staff using whatever policy you wish to implement (e.g., net or gross, taxable or non-taxable income, recurring or non-recurring payments)
  • Organise and pay all required social insurance contributions and individual income tax (IIT), if any
  • Handle monthly reimbursements
Visa & work permits
  • Process work permits and other immigration matters for foreign employees

Simple monthly fee.

Employer of record service fee

From US$499.90** per employee

Request a custom quote

One-time project fees.

Project onboarding fee

From US$499.90** per project

Project off-boarding fee

From US$499.90** per project

Refundable project deposit

Two months total employment cost

*Immigration services for expatriate staff provided on a case-by-case basis, please contact us for more information.
**Pricing in US$ is for reference only. You will be charged the respective amount in the local currency.

Want to learn more about PEO?

Download our playbook

Read our Acclime EoR Playbook brochure to find out more details about your expansion options.

Onboarding process

Seamless onboarding experience for you and your new team.

  • Review Acclime’s PEO proposal

    Review our custom made PEO proposal for your expansion project in Hong Kong.

  • Review onboarding documents

    Review, fill in and sign our onboarding documents. Welcome to Acclime!

  • Initial fund

    Acclime will send the first invoice for the project deposit and the first payroll month to onboard your employee.

  • Employee onboarding kickoff

    We will contact your employee to collect the onboarding information to draft the employment agreement.

  • Employment agreement draft

    Acclime will draft the employment agreement and submit it to your employee for review & signature.

  • Employees

    After signing the employment agreement, your employee is compliantly onboarded on our local payroll.

  • First payroll

    Acclime will send you the first invoice for your employee’s monthly payroll.

  • Ongoing

    Acclime will support you and your teams with all HR-related queries.

    Additional corporate services

    Continue your expansion
    journey with Acclime.

    PEO is just the beginning of your journey in the region. When you partner with us, we can ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and seamless management of your business in Hong Kong.

    1. Employer of record

    Start your journey in Hong Kong risk-free without having to set up your own entity.

    2. Company registration

    When ready, we will support you in forming a local entity and transferring your EoR employees.

    3. Accounting & tax

    Take compliance off your mind and confidently outsource all accounting & tax matters to us.

    4. Payroll outsourcing

    Pay your employees easier & faster without the overhead of having your dedicated HR team.

    Ready to get started?

    Discover how we can solve and manage all the employment needs of your business in Hong Kong.