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Company secretary
in Hong Kong.

Stay compliant with the local regulations without stress and headaches. Through our dedicated company secretary service, we will confidently handle all of your time-consuming administrative tasks, from timely reports filing to tracking critical deadlines and more.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Run your business stress-free with
a dedicated company secretary.

Guidance at every step

Lean into years of our secretarial experience to protect your business interests. We have successfully helped manage compliance for businesses of various sizes – from turbulent startups to stable listed companies.

Deadline reminders

We are proactively monitoring your compliance requirements throughout the year and notify you in time. You will never have to worry about missed or late filings and overdue fees.

Your documents online

Our company secretary service is 100% online. All necessary documents and resolutions can be e-signed by you via DocuSign and are stored securely online where you can always see them.

Secretarial services

Providing and acting as your company secretary.

All companies in Hong Kong have to appoint a company secretary, who is a natural or juristic person residing/registered in Hong Kong. Secretary is responsible for maintaining the statutory books and records of your company and ensuring the company’s compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Essential company secretary service.

  • Provision of a named company secretary

    This includes all mandatory annual procedures. As your named company secretary, we will:

    • Safekeep your company’s books, records and seal/chop (if any)
    • Maintain annual filing of statutory forms and ensure all fees are submitted correctly and on time
    • Arrange the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company, including sending out required notices to all shareholders
    • Prepare minutes and resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting of the company
Single annual fee

Additional ad-hoc secretary services.

From time to time, especially when your company undergoes changes, you may also need some of our ad-hoc secretary services:

  • Preparation of board meetings other than the AGM
    • Preparation of director’s resolutions
    • Distributing company’s financial reports
    • Preparation of meeting agenda
    • Attendance and taking of meeting minutes
    • Communicating with the shareholders
  • Filing of company changes and other statutory returns with HK Companies Registry
    • Appointment or resignation of company officers
    • Update of particulars of company officers and shareholders
    • Amendments to the company constitution
    • Share allotments, share transfers, capital reduction, subdivision or consolidation of shares
    • Assistance with due diligence on any new shareholders investing in the company
    • Changes in company name, principal activities
    • Notifying the Companies Registry of any charges over assets entered into by the company
    • Monitor filing deadlines of the statutory returns with Companies Registry
  • Maintenance and upkeep of statutory registers Companies Registry
    • Filing of signed Board Resolutions
    • Maintenance of minutes books (AGMs and EGMs) and various registers
    • Issue of share certificates
    • Safe custody of corporate records; safe custody and proper use of the company seal, if applicable
  • Other roles and services
    • Providing resolutions of the company for corporate actions such as opening a bank account, entering into contracts with suppliers and customers, changing office holders etc
    • Providing information and guidance on any relevant changes in statutory law
    • Arranging for certification, notarisation and legalisation of documents
    • Assistance with companies’ striking off applications to the Inland Revenue Department and Companies Registry and de-registration of branches
    • Conversion of business entities
    • Stamping of documents
Single one-off fee

Common questions.

Why is it essential to have a dedicated company secretary?

The Companies Ordinance provides that every company must have a company secretary, who must be a Hong Kong resident or a body corporate having its registered office or place of business in Hong Kong. The company secretary is mainly responsible for arranging meetings, preparing minutes of meetings of the company, maintaining statutory records, filing returns with Companies Registry, ensuring compliance.

Which companies need a company secretary?
Every private limited company registered in Hong Kong.
Who can be a company secretary?
A Hong Kong resident or a body corporate having its registered office or place of business in Hong Kong. If a private company has only one director, the sole director cannot be appointed also as the company secretary of the company. A private company with only one director may not appoint as company secretary a body corporate the sole director of which is the sole director of the company.
How do I know what is required of my company?

There are many requirements laid down in Companies Ordinance, Business Registration Ordinance, Inland Revenue Ordinance that are related to the corporate administration and ongoing maintenance of a company. Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department provide some guidelines but it is recommended to engage a professional firm to ensure compliance of the statutory requirements.

Can I change a company secretary for my business?
Yes, it is not a complicated process. We are happy to assist you.
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