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Register a company
in Hong Kong.

Our company registration services make it easy for foreign established businesses (both private & listed) to set up and manage their company in Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions.

Business registration in Hong Kong

Start your dream business in Hong Kong with confidence.

Expert guidance

You can count on our support throughout the entire registration process. We are always here to advise you and answer any questions you might have.

Fast processing

Save time getting your new business up and running. Most new companies can be set up in 10 business days or faster, depending on the structure you choose.

Transparent pricing

Request a quote and get a clear picture of your costs before you start with our upfront and affordable pricing. No hidden fees around the corner.

Company registration options

Select the best structure for your business.

We can reliably help you navigate the process of registering a new company in Hong Kong, whether you are expanding from overseas or are local a resident. You can choose from several structures. The most popular are:

Representative office.

Ideal for foreign companies seeking to study the market in Hong Kong for research and business development purposes.

  • Non-trading entity
  • No minimum share capital
  • 1 authorised representative
  • Limited business activities
  • No local compliance

2 days

Setup time

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Private limited company.

Ideal for most local and foreign entities as it offers limited liability, it is fast to set up and supports a work visa.

  • Trading entity
  • No minimum share capital
  • 1+ shareholder and director
  • Unrestricted in activities
  • Subject to local compliance

1 day

Setup time

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Foreign branch

Ideal for established international companies wishing to expand their foreign head office to Hong Kong.

  • Trading entity
  • No minimum share capital
  • 1 branch manager
  • Unrestricted in activities
  • Subject to local compliance

3-4 weeks

Setup time

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Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Get clarity by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation on starting your company in Hong Kong. We can advise you on anything from the optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership options to shareholder requirements and more.

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreign entity.

Hong Kong does not place any restrictions on foreign entities & individuals for owning a limited company. You can be sole directors and shareholders in your Hong Kong company, there are no local resident requirements. Moreover, foreign entities can easily operate their Hong Kong offshore limited company from overseas.

Registration process

Simple steps to start your new business.

1. Select your structure and additional company services

Select the structure (by yourself or use our help) and any other services that fit your needs, such as company secretary, business licenses or bookkeeping.

Besides the three popular structures, we can also help you register Limited partnership, Limited liability partnership, Sole proprietorship, Non-profit foundation, Guarantee company, Shelf company or Offshore company.

2. We reserve the company name

We will ask you to provide us with three options for your new company name just in case one of them is not available. The name can be in Chinese, English or both.

3. We prepare & file the paperwork with Companies Registry

We will collect and put together all the required documents of incorporation. Once you sign them electronically, we will send the paperwork to the Companies Registry for registration.

4. Companies Registry confirms your business

The processing time will depend on the specifics of your business. Once completed, we will deliver all the registration documents to you along with the Business Registration Certificate issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

5. Opening a corporate bank account

We work closely with several local and international banks and can prepare all documents and arrange a meeting for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with the resolution to open the bank account by yourself.

6. Securing work visa

Before you or your foreign staff can start working in the new business, you will need to obtain work visas. It is a straightforward process for most nationalities.

Complete company services

Everything you need to start and manage your company in Hong Kong.

We provide a full suite of flexible company services, including company formation, registered offices facilities, statutory compliance and document filing with the appropriate authorities. We also have resident directors and shareholders available, if required. These are backed by legal documents to ensure that you retain ownership & control over your company.

Essential company services.

  • Company registration

    Registering your selected business structure with the Companies registry.

  • Company secretary*

    We handle all of your routine and extraordinary company matters, including recurring filings, maintaining statutory books and records or secretarial advice.

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  • Resident director*

    All private limited companies in Hong Kong must have at least one individual director and shareholder. If you can’t meet this requirement, we can serve as your resident director.

  • Registered office*

    A company must have a registered office in Hong Kong from the date of incorporation. Besides offering a registered office, our service also includes a mailing address with mail forwarding services.

*Government requirements

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Additional compliance services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all the government requirements.

  • Business licenses

    There are several types of permits and licenses that might apply to your business depending upon the nature of your services and products. We can help you obtain them.

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  • Work & other visas

    We help business owners and their staff secure and renew work and other types of visas, such as dependant or investment visas.

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  • Accounting services

    Stay compliant with the local accounting requirements with our accounting services delivered on a monthly, quarterly, annual or an ad-hoc basis.

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  • Tax services

    Minimise your tax burden and keep your tax filings in check.

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  • HR outsourcing

    Comprehensive payroll outsourcing services for your Hong Kong business.

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Common questions.

How much does it cost to set up a company in Hong Kong?
Currently, the government charge HK$1,720 incorporation fee and HK$250 business registration fee.
Which business structure is the best to start in Hong Kong?
Private limited company is the most common form of business in Hong Kong. It provides a separate legal entity and limited shareholder’s liability to his subscribed capital.
Can a foreigner own a business in Hong Kong?
Yes, there is no resident requirement for shareholder of a Hong Kong limited company.
How do I get a Business Registration Certificate?
Companies Registry provide one-stop company and business registration service. Upon the approval of the application in paper form, the Registry will issue a Certificate of Incorporation together with a Business Registration Certificate both in A4 size white paper to the applicant.
Can foreigners open a bank account in Hong Kong?
There is no legal restriction on foreigners to open (individual) bank account in Hong Kong. Yet, banks will ask for the purpose of the account, and why an account is required in Hong Kong. It is relatively easier for a Hong Kong limited company (owned by foreigner) to open a bank account in Hong Kong. The banks will ask for the business background of the owner, planned activities of the limited company, and business proof of existing company (overseas company) operated by the same owner.
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