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Pre-IPO advisory
in Hong Kong.

We provide professional pre-IPO advisory service for established private companies in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions. By lending our advice and expertise, we can safely guide you through the dynamics of operating and advancing your business in an environment where there is no predefined answer for management.

IPO advisory in Hong Kong

Go public with the help of experienced & trusted advisors.

Companies seeking to raise capital from the public capital markets for the first time greatly benefit from hiring an experienced independent advisor to act as their advocate during this often bewildering process. As your trusted advisors, we will help you prepare a comprehensive strategy for going public in Hong Kong, raise visibility on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and mitigate transaction risks.

At Acclime, we have many years of experience assisting companies across a wide range of industries in preparing for the public market. This accumulated wealth of practical expertise protects your company throughout the entire listing preparation cycle from start to finish.

Preparing for your IPO.

Preparation for the listing process requires 2–3 years of careful and strict planning before implementation. We can assist with the reorganisation of the company to meet the requirements of the listing regulations, and prepare for the long-term fund-raising targets of the company. Our experience covers assisting companies in raising funds overseas, guiding management to establish an effective and transparent structure, simplifying the cumbersome affairs within an enterprise, allocating resources more effectively, and laying a solid foundation before expanding the scale of the company.

As part of our pre-IPO planning consultancy, we can help you with:

  • IPO readiness assessment
  • Advising on the appointment of other professionals involved in the IPO
  • Performing due diligence with the relevant professionals on your business and financial affairs
  • Advising on your capital structure, invitation structure, marketing theme, and timing of the IPO and more to maximise investor acceptance and shareholder value
  • Management of the IPO process including co-ordination of other professionals involved in the process
Preparing for your IPO
IPO advisory in Hong Kong

Post-IPO maintenance consultancy & implementation.

After the listing or when a company has grown to a specific size, our team can help with the introduction of professionals including legal, accounting, investment banking and other partners to help your company get to the next level – whatever your ambitions may be.

Why seek pre-IPO advice from Acclime?

Industry experience

Our public listings team has been previously successfully involved in many IPOs and secondary listings in Hong Kong.

Strong support network

Over the years, we have developed a strong network of professionals from various industries that can support you in your goal of taking your company public.

Post-IPO compliance

As corporate services specialists, we can assure your company stays compliant post being listed and can withstand strict public scrutiny.
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