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Family office
in Hong Kong.

Build and advance your family wealth and interests using a family office. We can assist in advising an appropriate family office structure and help implement various stages of the process of establishing one.

Family office in Hong Kong

Preserve & manage your family wealth long-term.

The primary function of our family office service is to centralise the management of vast family fortunes. Typically, we achieve this by carefully selecting professional partners to manage investments, taxes, trusts, and legal matters to transfer established wealth across generations effectively. Our goal is to provide the same menu of personal services that a wealthy family would typically expect from its own family office.

We offer a wide range of advisory services, including the selection of private banks and assets managers, facilitating the opening of bank accounts and the acquisition of assets across the globe. We will also monitor the performance of fund managers, maintain books and records for clients and undertake all regulatory and tax filings where necessary.


  • Provide Trustee and Protector services for the Trusts or Foundations
  • Establishment of offshore Trusts and Foundations
  • Incorporation of “Segregated Portfolio” structures and private Fund structures to hold specific assets


  • Appropriate tax and estate planning advice
  • Arrange local staff and advice on human resources related matters
  • Establishing a fully functional office in Hong Kong for a newly established business venture
  • Arrange centralised administration and compliance work for newly established business operations
  • Arrange suitable insurance for business ventures and personal insurance for families


  • Advice on suitable schools and act as the liaison for admission processes of children to schools in Hong Kong
  • Arrange Hong Kong visas for family and key staff
  • Help safeguard your assets and ensure they go to the intended beneficiaries

Common questions.

How much money do you need to have to set up a family office?
There is no such limit or requirements to establish a family office. A family office is there to look after the family’s private business and investment activities segregated in a proper operational structure with various professionals are supervising these activities for the proper functioning of a family business.
How do family offices make money?
Family office is established for the private investment and operational activities of a private family business. Thus, by nature a family office is an operational business structure that makes money from various investments and operations.
How are family offices structured?
Family office is structured just like any other proper functional office – i.e., proper checks and balance of various investments and operational activities of the family office with a view that the family’s business interests are looked after.
Are family office expenses deductible?
Just like any other operational business, a family office is also able to deduct genuine operational expenses.
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