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HR & payroll guides.

Navigating cross-border payroll for Hong Kong businesses: Challenges and best practices

Many Hong Kong businesses are increasingly expanding their operations across borders. However, with this expansion comes the complexity of managing cross-border payroll. As companies navigate the intricacies of international employment regulations, tax laws, and currency fluctuations, they encounter various challenges that can impact their operations and bottom line. In this article, we list several unique […]

Understanding labour costs & minimum wage in Hong Kong

This guide gives an overview of the Minimum Wage Ordinance governing the minimum wage in Hong Kong to help your company remain compliant.

Understanding Hong Kong employment law: Employment Ordinance

Our guide covers the Employment Ordinance – the legislation that sets out conditions in regard to employment in Hong Kong

Understanding Mandatory Provident Funds in Hong Kong

It is required that eligible employees in Hong Kong be registered under the Mandatory Provident Fund and contribute to the fund monthly.