Corporate governance guides.

Corporate compliance requirements for Hong Kong companies

In this ultimate guide, you will learn in detail about the ongoing corporate compliance obligations for all Hong Kong companies as well as…

Common compliance mistakes for businesses operating in Hong Kong

To help you avoid any misunderstandings, we have listed four of the common mistakes companies make in Hong Kong.

Declaring a dormant company in Hong Kong

This guide will explain why you might use a dormant company in Hong Kong, the application process and the requirements you must fulfil.

Company chop and common seal in Hong Kong: Explained

Official company documents must always be authorised by an official stamp, signature or seal in Hong Kong. Learn what’s required.

Two types of shareholder meetings in Hong Kong

This guide helps you understand the requirements for the annual general meeting (AGM) and general meetings of shareholders in Hong Kong.

Exporting to Hong Kong: Rules & regulations

Our guide helps you understand the customs declaration and other requirements for successful exporting to Hong Kong.

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