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Corporate governance guides.

Closing a company in Hong Kong: Comparing three different methods

During the current economic times, many companies are reassessing their corporate structures, the entities that they maintain, where they should have operations, headcount, book sales etc., in fact, the whole business model, revenue generation and maintenance costs of structures. Hong Kong has always been high in the ease of doing business surveys, where setting up […]

Electronic & digital signatures in Hong Kong: Legality & requirements

Our guide provides an essential overview of the legality, use and requirements for electronic and digital signatures in Hong Kong.

Corporate compliance requirements for Hong Kong companies

In this ultimate guide, you will learn in detail about the ongoing corporate compliance obligations for all Hong Kong companies as well as…

Declaring a dormant company in Hong Kong

This guide will explain why you might use a dormant company in Hong Kong, the application process and the requirements you must fulfil.

Exporting to Hong Kong: Rules & regulations

Our guide helps you understand the customs declaration and other requirements for successful exporting to Hong Kong.