Accounting & tax guides.

Offshore tax exemption in Hong Kong

Because Hong Kong only imposes tax on profits derived from inside of Hong Kong, it is similar to incorporating a company in a tax haven.

Introduction to accounting in Hong Kong

In this introduction to accounting in Hong Kong, you will learn about the basic accounting concepts a list of compliance requirements all…

Introduction to tax in Hong Kong

This guide is a basic introduction to Hong Kong taxation that you should know when engaging in business activities in Hong Kong.

Corporate (profits) tax in Hong Kong

In this article, we will go into the specifics about the corporate (profit) tax in Hong Kong, and help you learn which tax rate will apply…

Personal income tax in Hong Kong

Personal income tax in Hong Kong is often referred to as salary tax, and the rate in Hong Kong is considered to be one of the lowest rates…

Double tax treaties in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has concluded a total of 40 Double Tax Agreements (DTA) worldwide. These double tax treaties are grouped into five categories…

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