Formation guides.

Registered office address requirements in Hong Kong

When establishing a company, it is required to have a registered office in Hong Kong for the purpose of formal communication and to receive…

Registered capital requirements in Hong Kong: Explained

Registered capital is one of the requirements and essential factors in starting a company in Hong Kong, besides having a company name…

Business registration number in Hong Kong explained

This guide explains everything you should know about the business registration number for your Hong Kong company.

Articles of Association in Hong Kong: Explained

In Hong Kong the Memorandum of Association requirement has been abolished, but the Articles of Association remains an important document.

Setting up a trading company in Hong Kong

In this guide we have gathered the important information that investors should know before setting up a trading company in Hong Kong.

Company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong

If you have a goal of setting up a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong that is legally incorporated, then a company limited by guarantee…

Branch office in Hong Kong

Branch office is one of the entities that is common for foreign companies if they are considering to explore a new market in Asia…

Purchasing a shelf company in Hong Kong

If you urgently need to start a company, buying a shelf company might the right solution for you. In Hong Kong, many companies are…

Special purpose vehicle in Hong Kong

Foreign investors who want to minimise risks if their Hong Kong company goes bankrupt may want to consider a special purpose vehicle.

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