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EQS Group.

A world leader in cloud-based management solutions expands into Asia.


EQS Group, a publicly-listed company based in Germany, is a leading provider of cloud-based compliance management solutions. Their portfolio encompasses corporate compliance, investor relations, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) solutions. EQS Group’s innovative products assist over 7,000 clients worldwide in meeting regulatory requirements, minimising risks, and transparently reporting on their business performance and its impact on society and the environment.

The challenge

To expand their reach and market presence, EQS Group decided to establish operations in the Asia-Pacific region, and chose Hong Kong as their base of incorporation.

The strategic choice of Hong Kong as their regional headquarters was motivated by the city’s status as a central financial hub in Asia. Hong Kong is renowned for its proximity to China and its internationally recognised stock exchange (HKEX). 

The expansion required establishing a subsidiary to meet clients’ specific needs in this region. However, this presented EQS Group with a multifaceted challenge: Hong Kong’s intricate regulatory framework and demanding compliance requirements required meticulous planning and substantial effort, including developing a thorough understanding of local regulations and standards. This could potentially prevent EQS Group from focusing on their core business activities, a risk they felt was unacceptable.


EQS Group has been partnering with the experts at Acclime for over a decade. For incorporation in Hong Kong, the solutions chosen by EQS Group included everything from establishing the local entity to setting up the work permits and accounting services. Currently, Acclime handles EQS Group’s local filings and ensures timely quarterly/annual international reporting. 

Following successful incorporation in Hong Kong, EQS Group decided to expand into mainland China. Acclime facilitated the incorporation of a legal entity based in Shenzhen, and has since ensuring compliance with the group’s accounting and tax filings. 


The expansions into Hong Kong and China, executed with precision and expertise by Acclime’s experts, have enhanced EQS Group’s global reach and market presence. Relying on Acclime allows EQS Group to maintain focus on their core business activities while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This reflects EQS Group’s commitment to reporting quality, which has benefitted by Acclime’s adherence to accounting standards and timeliness. 

Moreover, Acclime’s meticulous approach in representing EQS Group during interactions with government bodies demonstrates its commitment as a trusted advisory partner. This collaborative effort has not only strengthened EQS Group’s reputation but also allowed their clients to leverage Acclime’s services, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship and greater business freedom.