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REWE Group.

Europe’s REWE Group wanted Acclime assistance to develop its Far East sourcing & quality control operations in mainland China and Hong Kong.


Europe’s REWE Group wanted to develop its Far East sourcing and quality control operations in mainland China and Hong Kong without the hassle of building an administration team. Outsourcing to Acclime solved their headaches.

The challenge

In building up its product sourcing operations in HK and mainland China, REWE wanted to create a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) based in Shanghai and bolster its team in Hong Kong. However, the company only wanted to focus on employing local teams to conduct merchandising and quality control tasks without the need to build an administration team. In addition, REWE wanted its centres in Hong Kong and Shanghai to operate efficiently in collaboration and wanted control processes in the hands of head office in Germany, where data analysis could be conducted centrally.

Our solution

Acclime set up the WFOE for REWE in Shanghai in 2012 and began managing the Hong Kong operations. We provided finance, accounting and payroll services for both locations and worked on setting up a custom ERP system that would automate key controlling processes. The system provided head office with new ways to analyse its financial data.

Given the multinational make-up of Acclime’s staff in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, we were able to communicate with head office in the German language and provide support in a culturally appropriate way.

The result

REWE Group in Germany quickly realised it had gained the support of a professional corporate services provider who it could trust to ensure compliance and deliver operations in line with expectations. One of the highlights of the collaboration proved to be the ERP system developed and implemented by Acclime. This was instrumental in driving operational efficiency. Acclime continues to provide administration services to REWE Far East.

Acclime’s dedicated and experienced team has helped us ensure continuity in moments of change, including the onboarding of new managers and the switch to a new auditor. I can recommend Acclime to any multinational looking for a trustworthy professional service provider who can guarantee a fully compliant, timely, and efficient realisation of your growth plans in China.

Torsten Stau, Managing Director Non Food, REWE Group

About REWE Group

As one of Europe’s leading trade and tourism groups, the REWE Group touches the lives of twelve million customers every day – whether they’re shopping for groceries, DIY or gardening supplies, or planning their next business trip or vacation. REWE Far East Ltd. handles procurement for all REWE Group’s retail brands in Europe.