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Tax advisory and planning.

Our mission is to help clients fulfil their tax filing obligations in a timely manner, report their assessable income appropriately, and minimise their tax liabilities. We are also well versed in handling IRD enquiry letters and dealing with the IRD on field audit cases.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) issues tax returns to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, property owners, and limited companies. Such persons and corporations should complete and file tax returns to the IRD within a period of time from the date of issue of the tax return, together with any necessary documentation. Profits tax returns are issued within 18 months of the business commencement date of companies in Hong Kong. Should a person or company not receive a profits tax return from the IRD, they should immediately notify the IRD. We keep ourselves well informed regarding legislation affecting taxes in Hong Kong and China. With our expertise and experience, we strive to help companies to make the best use of tax concessions, thereby reducing tax liabilities and enhancing business profitability.

Tax advisory.

Hong Kong adopts a territorial concept on taxation of profits, i.e., only those profits which are sourced in Hong Kong are subject to tax. In addition, the capital gain is exempt from Hong Kong Profits Tax. Taxpayers may lodge offshore or capital non-taxable claims on their derived income, which will not be subject to tax in Hong Kong. Deduction claims will also apply to capital expenditure under specific tax rules.

Persons and corporations receiving passive income, such as interest income, dividend income, and royalty income from overseas companies may be subject to overseas withholding tax, where they can apply to use a lower withholding tax rate (or even zero withholding tax rate) if Hong Kong has a double tax treaty with the overseas jurisdiction in question, provided that these persons or corporations obtain a Certificate of Resident Status (COR) from the IRD.

We can help our clients identify any tax planning opportunity to reduce their tax liabilities, e.g., assessing the feasibility of an offshore claim and advising clients on restructuring their business models to strengthen the validity of claim, making use of specific tax rules to lodge deduction claims on their capital expenditure and providing ways to legally minimise tax liabilities according to the tax law.

We are also experienced in handling COR applications for clients and have successfully obtained a significant number of CORs already.

Tax services.

Our tax services include:
  • Filing of profits tax returns, individual tax returns, employer’s returns, and property tax returns
  • Handling enquiry letters issued by the IRD
  • Handling field audit cases
  • Advising on tax issues and updates to tax legislation
  • Advising on the feasibility of offshore claims
  • Deductions/concessions
  • Application for Certificate of Resident (COR) status
  • Advising on stamp duty issues
  • Stamping and stamp duty relief applications
  • Hong Kong tax due diligence and structuring

Stamp duty.

Stamp duties are imposed on the transfer of Hong Kong properties and shares, where an exemption may apply in some situations such as intra-group relief. We advise clients on how to minimise their stamp duty liabilities, complete the stamping process, and apply for stamp duty relief.

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