Private equity solutions.

Acclime’s comprehensive offer of services allows us to provide custom packages to assist private equity (PE) firms operate with confidence throughout Asia. Discover the benefits of our services and how they are tailored to meet your specific needs across the entire region.

Payroll outsourcing service in Hong Kong

Trust the administration of your merger, aquisition or transition to our team of experts in country.

Whether forming new companies, making essential changes to exisiting ones, or needing assitance with compliance, Acclime offers:

Accurate registrations

Acclime promptly takes care of all your corporate secretarial needs with a high degree of accuracy. Our fully licensed professionals in-country will draft and file all company regsitrations and changes on your behalf.

Professional outsourcing

Reamining compliant in all areas of your business is simple and cost-effective with Acclime’s services. Let us take care of your accounting, tax and HR functions with the upmost professional care.

Specialist advisory

Our profssionals have deep and wide experience advising private equity clients in optimising their businesses in terms of structure, tax efficiency and more across a range of industries.
Private equity solutions

Flexible and scalable services across Asia.

We package our services according to your needs, and fully understand the fluctuating demands of a private equity business. Our solutions can include a customised offering of any of the following services:

  • Formation services

    We specialise in setting up and registering the business entity your require, in the territory you need it. The Acclime team has considerable experience in setting up special purpose vehicles (SPV), subsidiary companies, offshore companies (e.g. BVI) and holding companies in many jurisdictions. Most of our private equity clients around the world opt for offshore, Singapore or Hong Kong as the base for registering Asian businesses, and we will work with you on whatever solution works best.


    Corporate secretarial services

    We understand the nature of your business demands regular changes to company details, and that these need to be registered professionally and promptly. Out teams across Asia have the required expertise in each territory to update company objectives, change shareholders/shareholding, alter the directors and register a new address. We can even offer you solutions for a legal address if required.

    We are able to provide directorial services to support your transition from afar.*

    In countries where the legal process permits, E.g., Hong Kong, we can assist with the registration of an amalgamation of two or more companies.

    *Local laws permitting

    Ad-hoc, monthly or annual

    Accounting & tax

    Run your own business without the day-to-day hassle of maintaining your accounts. With our reliable accounting services, you can continue to enjoy the freedom of running your business with the peace of mind of knowing that your books and financials are healthy and up to date. Our accounting & tax services are flexible and can range from monthly bookkeeping to preparing and filing of the annual report.

    Monthly, annually

    Mergers & acquisitions support

    Acclime is an expert in navigating the regulatory and compliance waters when buying or selling companies across borders. We can provide support for all stages of M&A projects.

    We assist buyers with commercial & strategic advice, market benchmark studies, financial & tax due diligences, public records checking, and writing of corresponding reports. We assist sellers with tidying-up financial records, preparing (online) data rooms, preparing vendor financial due diligence reports, preparing for MBO. Furthermore, we assist with optimizing deal structures, supporting with valuation benchmarking and negotiation processes, and compliance reviews.

    Ad hoc

    HR & payroll outsourcing

    We provide payroll outsourcing and professional employer organisation (PEO) services in all countries where Acclime has an office. We can both manage your staff’s payroll and/or act as the employer of record, freeing you of the need for a broad in-country HR function. Our HR outsourcing solutions can be tailored to your needs, and provide a cost-effective solution to employment for fledgeling businesses overseas.

    Monthly, annual

    Corporate advisory

    We provide expert advisory services to established multinationals, SMEs or even startups to improve their overall business performance by applying key metrics to develop strategy and plans. This will result in reducing the overall business risks and costs.

    Ad hoc

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Packaging your solution

Selecting the services your company needs

Transitioning to a new country where you have no existing company

  • Step 1.
    Get a free consultation with our team to clarify your needs and expectations
  • Step 2.
    Work with our consultants to choose the services you have decided to package together. These could be any combination of the following: domestic/SPV/offshore/subsidiary company set up, directorial service where permitted and registered address
  • Step 3.
    Study our proposal for providing on-going company secretarial services, accounting & tax and HR outsourcing solutions
  • Step 4.
    Receive simplified invoicing for all services from a single point of contact

Implementing an M&A or amalgamation with your existing company in-country

  • Step 1.
    Get a free consultation with our team to clarify your needs and expectations
  • Step 2.
    Engage Acclime to perform all of the company secretarial functions in changing the company registrations inline with the new entity, E.g., shareholders/shareholding, directors, name, etc. As a prelimary step, Acclime offer an advisory service and M&A support services to offer strategic advice
  • Step 3.
    Study our proposal for providing on-going company secretarial services, accounting & tax and HR outsourcing solutions
  • Step 4.
    Receive simplified invoicing for all services from a single point of contact
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