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China market entry services.

We can help you set up and incorporate a suitable entity for China market entry, maintain regulatory compliance, assist in visa and work permits, and provide business advisory support for your China subsidiary.

China market entry services

Establish your presence in China with confidence.

Build a partnership

Get the guidance you need in all aspects of establishing your presence in China from Acclime’s experts in a way that works towards forming a long-term partnership.

Receive assurances

Acquire in-depth analysis of the optimal business structure, best business practices and compliance requirements from one team.

Move forward

By maintaining a relationship with Acclime you can be sure we will help you navigate through the complicated Chinese regulatory system to keep your business moving forward.

China market entry

How Acclime can assist in your China market entry.

Selecting the right corporate structure

Discussing and advising you on an appropriate structure for China operations and assist you in carrying out necessary market entry research

Due diligence on partners

Conducting due diligence on potential partners (companies and individuals) in China

Registration of your China business

Establishing Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOE), joint ventures (JV) or representative offices in China

Banking and treasury functions

Establishing banking relationships in China

Full outsourcing solution

Helping with legal, accounting, and tax filing, HR, work visas for expatriate staff, and sourcing office facilities.

Why choose Acclime for China market entry services?

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge and practical expertise with PRC law and compliance which allow us to guide you through the process with ease.. You can leverage our strong, transparent relations with industrial and commercial bureaus, tax bureaus and other supervisisory authorities for your business’s success. And with China’s ever-changing regulations, our accountants keep up-to-date on the latest developments so you can always rely on us for accurate and efficient processing.
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Florian Braunsteiner, Commercial Director