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Corporate restructuring.

We provide professional consulting services for businesses at every stage, both pre- and post-IPO. These are aimed at improving the firms' efficiency as well as reducing and eliminating structure-related problems.

What is corporate restructuring.

Enterprise/corporate restructuring refers to modifying the internal structure of a company following a significant events and financial problems, such as change in the strategy, lack of profits, reverse synergy etc. It aims to solve and eliminate these problems by reducing the size of the company and increasing its efficiency. Generally, the company may look at debt financing, operations reduction and sale of the company’s portions to interested investors.

Pre-IPO planning consultancy.

We can assist with the reorganisation of the company to meet the requirements of the listing regulations, and prepare for the long-term fund-raising targets of the company. Our experience covers assisting companies in raising funds overseas, guiding management to establish an effective and clear structure, simplifying the cumbersome affairs within an enterprise, allocating resources more effectively, and laying a solid foundation before expanding the scale of the company.

maintenance consultancy.

After the listing or when a company has grown to a certain size, our team can help with the introduction of professionals including legal, accounting, investment banking, and other partners to help the company get to the next level – whatever that may be. Preparation for the listing process is not a one-off event, it requires 2–3 years of careful and strict planning before implementation. We have many years of experience assisting companies in preparing for the market. This accumulated wealth of practical experience protects your company throughout the entire listing preparation cycle.

How our corporate restructuring service works.

Our restructuring services can be broken down into four phases:

Phase 1

We formulate a plan according to the specific needs of our customers, prepare audit records, tax summary books, and provide customised tax optimisation solutions.

Phase 2

We collaborate with multiple professional bodies and strive to control and optimise the budget for clients, keeping in mind the individual costs of the relevant groups. We also conduct an initial review of the audit records of corporate customers and coordinates all audit-related matters with the auditor.

Phase 3

We assist clients in setting the direction for future development, inviting media to assist with relevant public communication services before listing.

Phase 4

After a successful launch, in conjunction with the business conditions and development plans of the client company, we maintain good relationships with financial institutions, stock underwriting institutions, and investors, as well as establish contact with relevant institutions for the follow-up development of corporate customers. After listing, our maintenance-based services for corporate clients include investor-related activities, assistance in the preparation of performance reports, and regular announcements.
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