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Corporate governance.

We are here to guide and offer advice on the best corporate governance for your business. Specifically, in assisting with the setting up of corporate governance framework-related processes and mechanisms to ensure your compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our corporate governnance services.

With regulatory requirements on good corporate governance being tightened in Hong Kong, guaranteeing that your business always fully complies with the ever-changing regulations and provisions is critical. This is now a top priority for many boards as effective governance helps protect shareholder and customer value alike.

  • Drafting and reviewing announcements and circulars, as well as liaising with printers, the share registrar, and the stock exchange
  • Preparing and publishing monthly returns
  • Assisting in the publication of financial results
  • Advising and managing price-sensitive information
  • Providing company secretarial support in the process of disclosure of transactions, information, and announcements
  • Reporting and maintaining records of disclosure of interests of directors and substantial shareholders
  • Advising on and assisting companies with the reporting and compliance requirements of stock exchange formalities in relation to corporate changes
  • Acting as a communication channel between the listed issuer and respective government authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Preparing and keeping registers/indexes and handling all other matters of compliance with regards to the listing rules and the securities and futures ordinance
  • Advising on and reviewing the corporate governance report
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