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Company secretary.

Upon successful registration, companies are obliged to stay compliant with local regulations and requirements. We take this time-consuming burden away from our clients and confidently handle all of their ongoing compliance and company maintenance.

Our company secretary services.

Providing and acting as company secretary

One of the requirements of corporate law in Hong Kong is the appointment of a company secretary. The company secretary is either a natural or juristic person residing or registered in Hong Kong. The main responsibilities of this role are maintaining the statutory books and records of the company and ensuring the company’s compliance with all statutory requirements.

Acting as nominee shareholder

Another requirement for starting a business in Hong Kong is having at least one shareholder (up to a maximum of 50). Shareholders can either be a natural person or a company and can be of any nationality.

Facilitating corporate changes

Facilitating changes in directors, shareholders, secretaries, auditors, bank signatories, company name, share transfers, alteration of capital structure, constitutional documents, address, articles of association, etc.

Other compliance services

  • Maintaining annual filing of statutory forms and ensuring all fees are submitted correctly and on time
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Preparing resolutions and minutes for board and shareholders meetings
  • Keeping and updating statutory registers and records in compliance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)
  • Providing company search services
  • Facilitating the opening of bank accounts with banks in Hong Kong and overseas; and assisting in dealing with banks to satisfy their due diligence and regulatory requirements
  • Drafting other corporate documents and agreements
  • Providing advice and guidance on the best corporate governance practices
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