CEPA Application.

We assist clients in applying for a certificate under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA).

What is CEPA?

CEPA is a free trade agreement between the Mainland and Hong Kong, concerning trade in goods, services, investments, and economic and technical cooperation, as well as offering early market access to local and international companies with qualified Hong-Kong-based companies, regardless of nationality or size. The main benefit of CEPA lies in bringing the two economic zones closer together, and enhancing their economic and trade development.

Eligibility criteria for CEPA.

To be eligible for this enhanced cooperation, Hong Kong companies must meet certain criteria. As part of our service, we can assess your eligibility and help with the following:
  • Advise on the benefits and qualifications under CEPA
  • Assist in preparing the application for the Hong Kong Service Provider (HKSP) Certificate under CEPA
  • Assist in renewing the HKSP Certificate
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