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Communications, crisis & change management in Hong Kong.

Acclime offers a suite of crisis management solutions with clearly defined scope and deliverables to help clients prepare for the unforeseen.

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Our in-country experts guide your business to greater resilience.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in this field is unwavering. We are here to support businesses in their journey towards recovery, renewal, and resilience. We offer:

Concrete planning

Our crisis management professionals ensure that your business has a substantial action plan to cope with all kinds of crisis situations, providing confidence that the business will cope with the unforseen.

High preparedness

Acclime assists you in developing the right response teams, and guides them in how to implement protocols. Our thorough, on-hand training programmes ensure readiness to tackle whatever crisis comes your way.

Comprehensive support

Whenever an emergency arises, Acclime’s crisis mangement team are ready to jump in and develop a command centre to develop and implement strategy, as well as oversee the implementation of remedial measures.

Communications, crisis & change management solutions

Helping businesses prepare for the unforseen.

Uncertainties abound: global trade tension, hiking interest rate and energy costs, disconnection in supply chain and many more macro factors. Individual enterprises also face flashpoints unique to its own operation and structure. We provide solutions to minimise impact.

Our crisis management services.

  • Acclime Check and Test

    Our team will conduct a two-week intensive programme involving interviews, wargaming, evaluation and a two-hour wrap-up session. Clients will receive a comprehensive report and an actionable plan to improve their crisis preparedness.

  • Acclime Prep

    Our prep solution includes a deep-dive into the business operations by out crisis management professionals and leads to a hand-in-hand implementation. From putting together a response team, to setting up protocols, developing message templates and conducting trainings, this programme will significantly improve the business’ resilience.

  • Acclime Troubleshoot

    Existing clients may choose to retain the Acclime crisis team for emergencies. During an outbreak, the team will act as the command centre to take over all media and social media communications, formulate strategy and official ‘line-to-take’, as well as oversee the execution of remedial measures to weather the crisis.

  • Acclime Crisis Suite

    We offer a package combining all of the above services as a complete and seamless crisis management solution.

How Acclime
can help

Businesses understand that the threat of a crisis is very real and can emerge unexpectedly. Apart from tarnished reputation, they can suffer dire financial consequences and jeopardise survival. Executives are well aware of the danger to operate without a well-versed plan, yet they often struggle to find the right way to start. Acclime offers a suite of crisis management solutions with clearly defined scope and deliverables to help clients prepare for unforeseen shockwaves.

Crises come in all shapes and sizes; no crisis plan can exhaustively prepare organisations for every possible scenario. Nonetheless, our crisis programmes are designed to demonstrate best practices and universal principles. Your teams will gain the confidence and skills to navigate different circumstances, while leadership will have the peace of mind to effectively delegate.

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